Thought for the Week |  In today’s Gospel, Jesus challenges the crowd to see beyond the fulfilment of their material needs.  The crowds have followed Jesus because they have been […]

Thought for the Week  :  We who are Jesus’ disciples today have also been sent to share the Gospel with others. Perhaps our commitment to following Jesus as his disciple […]

Thought for the Week | Times change but values last. ‘The spirit came into me and made me stand up and I heard the Lord speaking to me’ (1st reading from the prophet Ezekiel). We      Catholics will have to stand up and be counted. Stand up for values and principles we hold dear. Prophets may or may not be accepted among their own people but silence is not always the answer. We need to speak the truth. We need to keep the faith. Read more

Thought for the Week : The mission of proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom given to the Apostles is now given to us. But just as seeds need time to come to fruition, so does the Kingdom of God. That is why in the Lord’s Prayer we pray “thy kingdom come”. We know that it will come in its fullness at the end of time. All we need is faith. Read more

Thought for the Week |  The Gospel for today reminds us that the Eucharist is a memorial of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. We believe that Jesus is truly present to us in the elements of bread and wine. Each time we celebrate this sacrament we prepare for the Kingdom of God. This celebration, as the Second Vatican Council taught us, is the source and summit of the Christian life. Read more

Thought for the Week As we read this Gospel on the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, we are reminded that this central mystery of faith is meant to be lived. As baptized Christians we share in the life of the Blessed Trinity and seek to invite others to share in God’s love.

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Thought for the Week | There is nothing mild, gentle or polite about the Holy Spirit or Pentecost; it is wild and radical an experience that both encourages and challenges us. Saint Oscar Romero who was murdered while bishop of El Salvador in 1980 said, ‘The Spirit makes all things new, we are the ones who grow old and want to keep everything to our aged way of doing things; the Spirit is never old, the Spirit is always young.’ (17 Dec. 1978)

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 Thought for the Week 

During his ministry, Jesus sent his disciples to preach, to heal, and to drive out  unclean spirits. Now with his Ascension they are sent again to do these things and more. From his place with God in heaven, Jesus helped his disciples, and he    continues to help us as we try to live as his followers

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