Thought for the Week | Our human nature seeks hard evidence that the Jesus who appeared to his disciples after his death is indeed the same Jesus who was crucified. Thomas is given the opportunity to be our representative in obtaining this evidence. He gives witness to us that the Jesus who was raised is the same Jesus who died. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit, we are among those who are blessed, for we have not seen and yet believe. Read more

 Thought for the Week | Today we begin the Easter Season, our 50-day meditation on the mystery of Christ’s       Resurrection. Our Gospel on this Easter Sunday tells us about the disciples’ discovery of the empty tomb. It concludes by telling us that they did not yet understand that Jesus had risen from the dead. Thus, the details provided are not necessarily meant to offer proof of the Resurrection. The details invite us to reflect upon a most amazing gift, that is faith in Jesus and his Resurrection. Read more

Thought for the Week | During Holy Week, we prayerfully remember the events of Jesus’ passion and death. As we meditate on the cross, we ask again and anew what it means to make the statement of faith that Jesus, in his obedient suffering and dying, revealed himself to us as God’s Son.

The Parish are delighted to share the following with you

Vox Hiberniae, are a group of musicians from parishes in the Archdiocese of Dublin and have prepared the following reflection in conjunction with the Avila Carmelite Centre in Donnybrook.

“A Celtic Lenten Journey – Harp, Voice and Violin” reflection in Word and in song on the Passion of Jesus.

It can be viewed from the following link – you might like it for a reflective hour this Lent,

Part 1

Part 2

Thought for the Week   |  Next week we begin Holy Week with Palm Sunday. We are being called and invited by Jesus to stay with him so we can experience Good Friday and the stark reality of the cross. These are only steps on the way. The story does not end there; but we are called to stand at the cross before we can stand at empty tomb at Easter.


Thought for the Week   | In John’s reflection, in today’s gospel, we find an observation about human sinfulness. Jesus is the light that has come into the world, but people preferred the darkness. We wish to keep our sins hidden, even from God. Jesus has come into the world to reveal our sins so that they may be forgiven. This is the Good News; it is the reason for our rejoicing in this season of Lent and throughout our lives Read more

Thought for the Week  | ‘After clearing the Temple our Gospel tells us that the people asked for a sign of Jesus’  authority to do such an audacious act. In response, Jesus predicted his death and Resurrection. Read more

Thought for the Week | In Mark’s Gospel, the desert marks the beginning of Jesus’ battle with Satan; the ultimate test will be in Jesus’ final hours on the cross. […]