Thought for the Week | Today’s Gospel describes the presentation of the child Jesus in the Temple and shows   Joseph and Mary as devout Jews, following the prescriptions of the Law of Moses. Although the Law of Moses required an offering of a lamb, those who could not afford a lamb could substitute two turtledoves or two pigeons. In this scene, Luke identifies Joseph and Mary as being poor, and indeed throughout Luke’s Gospel, Jesus will show special concern for the poor. Read more

 Thought for the Week | We are familiar with the story of the Annunciation, and it is fitting that we recall how God announced the birth of Jesus as we make our final preparations for our celebration of the Incarnation.  In the model of Mary, we pray that we will be people of faith who recognise God’s saving plan for us and are able to respond with obedience. Read more


  • (Individual Confessions with Health & Safety Guidelines in place.)
  • Thursday 17th December 7.30-8.30pm: Sacrament of Reconciliation St. Colmcille’s
  • Friday 18th December 7.30-8.30pm: Sacrament of Reconciliation St. Patrick’s


Thursday 24th December : Christmas Eve

  • Morning Mass 10am
  • Vigil Mass 8.30pm: Group ((G) Lugnagall, Collinford & Drum Road
  • Vigil Mass 10.00pm: Group (H) Sliabh Mór, Castlegal, Kinsellagh & Teesan

Friday 25th December : Christmas Day

  • Mass 9.00am : Group (I) Carney & Urlar
  • Mass 10.30am: Group (A) Cloonmull, Ballinagalliagh & Tullyhill

Saturday 26th December: St Stephen’s Day

  • Mass 10am
  • Vigil Mass 7pm: Group (B) Cashelgarron, Cooladrummon, Springfield & Castletown

We ask Parishioners to only attend the Mass allocated to their area as we arerestricted to a max 50 people in our Church and encourage our Parishioners, for this year, to please follow the Christmas Ceremonies on line.

Thought for the Week  | Upon answering the questions of the Levites and Pharisees, John the Baptist’s announces that the saviour they seek is already among them, but as yet unrecognized. John’s response highlights for us an important Advent theme: Jesus has already come into the world as our saviour. During Advent, we pray that we will be able to recognize Jesus’    Read more

Thought for the Week | John the Baptist is presented to us as a model during Advent. We, too, are called upon to prepare a way for the Lord. Like John the Baptist, we are messengers in service to one who is greater than we are. Our Baptism commissions us to call others to life as disciples of  Jesus. Read more